The project I started on yesterday is already finished. Mainly because is was very easy.
Let me explain:
When I went to school here, I had the opportunity to buy  a box with lovely little pieces of wood.

It’s from the Belgian Woodforum and it contained all different kinds of  wood, European, American & Exotic kinds. This box had been tucked away underneath my bed for the last 3 years, so now I thought it was time to do something useful with it.  
It was very easy and quick to make. All I needed was a piece of plywood, some slats, nails, glue and paint.
After a visit to one of my favorite stores and with this image in mind, it was time to get started.

Glue all the pieces with the always reliable Tec 7 and that’s it.
FYI: I don’t own a hardwood floor shop, i’m just weird.
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  • Juffrouw Sanseveria
    februari 28, 2011

    Uw handen zien er wel iets anders uit dan ik mij had voorgesteld…

  • The Sister Of...
    maart 1, 2011

    @Juffrouw Sanseveria; als vrouw zou ik misschien wel twee dingen tegelijk moeten kunnen, maar fotograferen en lijmen, zagen en nagels slaan tegelijkertijd wil toch nog niet zo lukken…;)

  • Anoniem
    maart 1, 2011

    I love this! It's not weird to me… I get it!! Now, maybe I will do something with the floor samples I collect every time for free at Home stores.


  • Juffrouw Sanseveria
    maart 2, 2011

    (ik zou er dan ook voor kiezen om de foto's te nemen!)

  • The Hungry Runner Girl
    maart 3, 2011

    You are the most talented person ever. Seriously, your blog is so beautiful and I love everything about it. Teach me your ways. I am so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours and I didn't even notice that guy in the picture until you said something!!! Yay for new blog friends and I am your newest follower:)

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