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Een poosje geleden postte ik deze foto’s van een patroontje in de maak.  Er was enige nieuwsgierigheid van jullie kant en ik denk dat zelfs het woord ‘zotjes’ in de commentaar verscheen. Ondertussen is het projectje af. Het is het laatste verplichte stuk van op school: een crapaud.  Ik vond het een moeilijk model, maar ben best tevreden met het resultaat. Nu nog mijn eindwerk maken en dan kan ik hopelijk in juni mijn getuigschrift ontvangen.  Ondertussen, op naar het volgende model!


so this is something I won’t be doing again! The Skruvsta is finally finished and I’m glad it is. It took me much longer than I thought it would. In my mind it was just a case of dismantling, using the fabric pieces as a pattern and sewing everything back together. Yeah right! In my dreams!

Chair update

An update on how the two chairs are coming along. The Skruvsta is half finished. But I’m getting there, slowly that is. The other one is almost finished. The only thing missing is a cushion and something tells me that it is going to take a while before that will appear in the chair. Again, slowly but sure… Will see. Some day. Ever. Who knows.

The Chair, part two.

This weekend I worked a bit on the chair I bought last March. I removed all the fabric, nails and every single staple that was in there. And there were a lot in there. Seriously. The person who put them in there, must have really loved his job!  The next step now is removing the varnish and putting on the primer. After that it will take a long time for there will be any progres. Because then I must start to think about the fabric and paint colour I’m going to use to transform this ugly thing. And knowing how indecisive I am…

New project.

So, I didn’t make prune cake this weekend and that is mainly because of this ugly chair. But it was so ‘super-kitsch-throne-like’ that I simply couldn’t resist it in the secondhand-shop. So now it’s mine and I’ve got big plans with it. And instead of making cake, I started with the demolition of the chair. How exactly I have to go further with this project, I don’t know, but we will see. I’ve got all the time in the world.