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Toen ik vorige week in de Kringloopwinkel was, was dat eigenlijk niet om stofjes te kopen, maar was ik op zoek naar een nieuw te stofferen stoeltje voor school. Meteen bij het binnenkomen al zag ik de perfecte stoeltjes waar ik naar op zoek was, maar al snel kwam te de teleurstelling. Ze waren niet te koop.   Ze stonden te wachten om verkocht te worden op, oh horror, ‘de retrodag‘.  Ugh!

Not so Extreme Makeover.

The paint job I was working on in the weekend is finished.  
It’s a small table I bought last summer at a yard sale and all it needed was a bit of TLC.
This is the before, somewhere in between all the clutter.
Wait, here’s a close-up:

First it was time to remove the old laquer.

Then it was time to paint.

Resulting in:

Surprise, surprise, a turquoise table. 

I didn’t make it to picture perfect, cause it’s an old shabby little table and if I wanted perfection, I would have bought a new one.  Now all it needs are some small casters, so if any of you know a place where I can buy some beautifull (non-plastic) furniture wheels, please let me know!

On another note:
when I came home from school yesterday evening this cute guy was waiting for me.

It’s a package from Juffrouw Sanseveria, because last week I won her giveaway!

It’s a birthday card with an inflatable cake in it.
I think it would be a great card for Poppemie’s Birthday in two weeks time, so I’ll keep you posted on how it worked!

Thanks again Miss Sanseveria!

The Chair, part two.

This weekend I worked a bit on the chair I bought last March. I removed all the fabric, nails and every single staple that was in there. And there were a lot in there. Seriously. The person who put them in there, must have really loved his job!  The next step now is removing the varnish and putting on the primer. After that it will take a long time for there will be any progres. Because then I must start to think about the fabric and paint colour I’m going to use to transform this ugly thing. And knowing how indecisive I am…

My grandfathers desk

 My grandfather loved bikes. He liked to ride them and work on them. So when my nieces and my brother and I were young he made sure we each had our own bike and every Sunday before and after dinner we drove around at my grandparents street and garden on our custom made bicycles. In his shed where he repaired our little bikes , stood this desk. He got it from a barbershop and used it to store his tools. After my grandfather died a few years ago, I got it.

New project.

So, I didn’t make prune cake this weekend and that is mainly because of this ugly chair. But it was so ‘super-kitsch-throne-like’ that I simply couldn’t resist it in the secondhand-shop. So now it’s mine and I’ve got big plans with it. And instead of making cake, I started with the demolition of the chair. How exactly I have to go further with this project, I don’t know, but we will see. I’ve got all the time in the world.