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Once upon a time, in the year 1978 to be exact, a little boy was born. (from now on we shall refer to him as ‘The Brother’) And two years later ‘The Brother’ got a little baby-sister.’The Brother’ was an energetic, loud and stubborn boy. ‘The Sister’ on the other hand was a shy, quiet, creative girl. You could say they were like rubber and glue.

As time past by and they grew taller and older the differences between the two became more and more clear.
He loved meat, she loved vegetables.
He stood out, she blended in.

He was left-handed, she was right-handed.
He played computer games, she read books.
He hated school, she loved school.
She built Lego-houses, he destroyed them.
But despite all of their differences, anyone could tell straight away they were brother & sister. They had the same eyes, the same mouth and shared the same fine shoulder length hair. Some people even thought they were twins.
So everywhere ‘The Sister’ came, ‘The Brother’ being two years older, had been there before.
In school she was asked: ‘Are you the sister of…?
At party’s she was asked: ‘Are you the sister of…?
‘The Brother’ introduced her to people by saying:
‘this is my sister’, without saying her actual name.
Even family members referred to her as the sister of…
Now some people might think this would be annoying, but not so did ‘The Sister’.
She thought: If you can’t beat them, join them.
And that’s exactly what she did.
She made pretty labels and put them in handmade bags, skirts, bibs, toys, and quilts.
A little while later she started a blog: The Sister Of…
…and there was no brother in sight.
P.S. Especially for ‘The Brother of…’ after numerous requests to post the history of The Sister Of…
6 Responses
  • Riet
    februari 3, 2010

    Aaah, mooi verhaal over de schaduw en de spotlights, ze zijn je gegund. 🙂

  • vermiljoen
    februari 3, 2010

    Mooi verhaal!!
    Mijn broer en mezelf verschillen ook heel hard, maar wij zijn geen vrienden. We hebben elkaar ooit jaren niet gesproken. Toen hij naar ongeveer de andere kant van de wereld verhuisde namen we contact en het contact op afstand verloopt veel vlotter dan dat van dichtbij. Ik geniet nu wel van de harmonie tussen m'n dochters.

  • nele
    februari 3, 2010

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • erica
    februari 9, 2010

    This is so sweet! I always get that with my big brother too, I totally understand. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lies:
    oktober 11, 2013

    Zo schoon, gij naait toch niet met n brother…

  • eva
    december 29, 2018

    oh, hoe komt het dat ik dit pas op de valreep van 2018 lees eigenlijk? heerlijk verhaal.

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